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How do you start?

Well, it is quite simple really. All you do is .....

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This is probably the most critical stage and should not be overlooked or taken easily. ...

Affiliate Marketing: Where To Start

What is it: We are the best company to help you get your own business off the ground.While this may look attractive and easy, there is a whole bunch of things to consider before you begin. The affiliate market is vast and it can be extremely overwhelming to pick the right products and services to associate yourself with. Plus, there is also a concern about the product or service, its quality, and the authenticity.

There are many websites which are out to pull a fast one and is associated with it will put you on a fast track to failing miserably. How you can prevent these is by going through websites, which can help you identify genuine products or services to associate yourself with .

Not only will you be safeguarding your interests but you will also ensure that people who go to your blog or page are led to genuine pages and not fake ones.

How do you start?

Well, it is quite simple really. All you do is

  1. to find products or services that you want to promote.
  2. Once you are sure and have identified them, you sign up for their affiliate program. Registering will formalize the process.
  3. Once your registration has been approved, the website will give you a special link to post on your blog.
  4. What this also does is that it allows the merchant or website to track all those have followed the link and purchased the product or service.
  5. To get the best websites in all of Nigeria, you need to employ companies that are specialized in web designing nigeria.
  6. While this is how it basically works, there may be variations making them more advanced but this is sufficient for you to get started.
  7. Cookies are used to figure out how many clicks have been registered by you. While this is the most basic way of doing it, there are many more advanced techniques such as email addresses used and IP addresses used to understand it. Feel free to read.
  8. Among the number of wig companies, people tend to gravitate more towards pop ups like buy cheap wigs at

Identification of Product or Service:

This is probably the most critical stage and should not be overlooked or taken easily. Choosing the right service or product will determine how much money you will make. First and foremost, you should have a good understanding of the people who visit your blog- your audience. What is of relevance here is their likes, co-relation with your blog and so on. For example, if you have a blog that caters to baking- your visitors or followers will have a keen interest in baking and hence all products related to baking – baking trays, silicone products, and so on. There is absolutely no chance that such people will be interested in buying fashion wear off your site. So, keep it relevant. Ask yourself:

  • Will I (owner of my blog) use the product
  • Will my readers use them and does it benefit them
  • Having visited the website, is it authentic and not a scam? (Make sure you run potential products through sites such as ScamWarning,)
  • What is the compensation like?
  • You should make a list of possible products or services that your audience would want and then attempt to put them on your blog.

Physical Products- While this is the easiest to sign up for, the commissions are really low (thanks to the numerous factors involved such as manufacturing, selling etc.). However, it is always a wonderful place to start and major websites such as Amazon will give you commissions based on the number of referrals in a month and the commissions will increase once these numbers go up as well.

Informational Products- Here you will be associating with a person or author, basically, someone who has created a blog which provides solutions to problems. For instance, where you are into Do-it-yourself constructions and you have run into an issue while building says a patio, then you might find a solution for the same on construction experts who provides tips or solutions. You have to careful about checking the background of such blogs and do not want to lose your readers by pointing them towards a naked url which may be a scam.

Manageable competition – when you focus on creating a affiliate market for yourselves, the competition that you can expect here is a little low because a affiliate market is generally a specialized market wherein there are not many numbers of players and hence the hurdles and challenges from the competitors are to the minimum. The number of customers here might be either high or low but if you are able to effectively present yourself to them, you can definitely be a king here.

Marketing you r company the right makes all the difference when it comes to competition. There are websites that say Bitcoins are best form of investment while a number of Bitcoin Scams are scaring investors away. The key here is to identify the right target audience and market in such a way that your web age does not generate a ScamWarning

While there is a ton of other information which will be relevant for you to start affiliate marketing on your blog, this is a good place to start.